Can Exercise Get You More Sex Than a Dating App?

Modern technology is pretty amazing with all the dating sites and social apps, but it might be something else entirely that actually gets you more dates AND maybe even sex and creates a much better social life as well.

Look, the reality is no matter how good your profile is on Plenty of Fish or how many times you swipe on Tinder, you have to actually go out with real women in order to find a new girlfriend or a new friend with benefits. And that can be intimidating. It’s easier, in many cases, to site behind a screen.

And for that reason technology can sometimes be a problem. It can keep you from meeting new people, unless you use it more to your advantage.

It’s kind of crazy, but what actually works to get you out and socializing and greatly increases the chance of you having sex, is exercise.

Maintaining fitness not only makes you look better, and feel better, but helps improve all of your other relationships as well.

This study is interesting, because it measured all kinds of activities and their effect on mood. What it found is that of all the activities that it listed, only exercise actually boosted happiness and mood.

And even more remarkable, it made people do more of the things they wanted to do (and I have to assume that this includes sex – although it’s not specifically noted in the study).

Exercise also boosts achievement

On a given day, those who exercised also tended to participate in more social and achievement activities than on days when they didn’t exercise, the study found, and they engaged in activities that tended to matter to them more.

So let’s break this down. It looks like exercise can help you achieve pretty anything you want no matter what that is.

It doesn’t seem to have to be super strenuous exercise even it can be simply taking a walk with your dog. Or any other activity that you enjoy that gets you moving.

And unlike most things that take a long time to kick in – exercise seems to help immediately.

You’ll notice in this study it says on the days that participants exercised they achieved more of what they wanted to achieve and have better social interactions (better social interactions often lead directly to more sex).

This is really remarkable, because there are many things that can give you this kind of instant results.

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Exercise increases happiness

Using the Oxford Happiness Inventory (OHI) as a measure of happiness, only sport/exercise appeared to result in increased happiness.

And I would say that being happy also increases your chances of having great sex. It’s hard to have great sex when you’re feeling lonely or you’re vulnerable or miserable. If you’re lucky you may get pity sex, but that’s usually not very great anyway.

Ladies like to be with happy guys. That’s the bottom line.

What kind of exercises should you do?

There are tons of studies available on exercise and health. But the biggest ones that I found show that any kind of movement is better than no movement at all.

So if you’re kind of guy that likes to sit around the couch and watch TV or play video games, that’s cool but instead of sitting on the couch set up a treadmill and walk.

Or if you can get a standing desk installed at work and pace during phone calls that works too!

What you want to aim for is about 60 minutes a day of moderate activity. It doesn’t have to be super strenuous and you don’t have to lift hundreds of pounds of weights or be able to bench press double your bodyweight. You can get these benefits just by getting up and moving a little bit.

If you want a better sex life, then go ahead and use the dating apps, but also get some exercise because it’ll help you follow through to more social interactions – which often leads to more sex.


Positive social effects of exercise: