Caffeine causes anxiety and this fixes it

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This will allow you to get all the health benefits of caffeine without the anxiety

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Caffeine causes anxiety and this fixes it

Scientific studies have shown that caffeine is a near-miraculous supplement.

Caffeine seems to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. 

It also protects against many types of liver disease.. It can even reverse the buildup of liver fat.

Caffeine has effects against type 2 diabetes, and some studies even show that caffeine is protective against cancer.

But for some people, caffeine can be a nightmare – triggering unbearable anxiety and agitation.

And for other people — caffeine causes anxiety without their knowing it. Stress hormones rise, and someone is anxious or depressed without realizing it’s from the caffeine.

But caffeine can be restored to helping and not hurting…

…because a new animal study shows that the effects of caffeine are dependent on how well fed the animal is.

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This animal study took place at the Department of Psychology, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. The Journal of Behavioural Pharmacology published the results.

People report very different effects on their mood from caffeine. 

For some people, it makes them energised and active. And for these people it can lower anxiety. 

But in other people, or at other times, caffeine seems to trigger terrible anxiety and agitation.

These different effects of caffeine have also been observed in animal behavior.

“Similar doses of caffeine have been shown to produce either calming or anxiety producing effects in rats. The reasons for these conflicting results are not known.”

These scientists wanted to test whether food deprivation was the determining factor in the effects of caffeine.

“We hypothesized that food deprivation stress interacts with the stimulant effects of caffeine to increase anxiety-like behavior.”

They used 32 standard lab rats in two equal-sized groups.

One group of rats went about their normal routine. 

And the researchers deprived the other group of rats for 24 hours.

They dosed half of each group with caffeine and the other half got a placebo.

The four groups:

  • Fed rats given caffeine
  • Fed rats with no caffeine
  • Unfed rats given caffeine
  • Unfed rats with no caffeine

The scientists then put these animals through an open field test

This measures anxiety by looking at the behavior of the animals. 

The more anxious the animal is, the longer it spends in the middle of the box used for the test.

They observed the animals in the test box for 10 minutes, recorded their speed and movements, and did some calculations.

Observing these behaviors provides a very good indication of the anxiety levels of the animals.

In the past, these open field tests have been conducted using substances already known to cause or inhibit anxiety. 

They have proven to be useful behavioral tests for anxiety.

The scientists found that the well fed animals who were given caffeine displayed more activity than animals not given caffeine. 

“Fed rats given caffeine moved longer distances and at a greater speed in the periphery and moved longer distances and spent more time in the center.”

 It’s not a great surprise that animals given food and caffeine are more active.

What was surprising was that the underfed animals who were given caffeine tended to spend more time in the center of the experimental area.

In these open field tests, anxious animals spend more time in the center of the box than at the edges.

The study shows that the anxiety-producing effects of caffeine are dependent on how well fed the animal is.

“Rats that were food deprived and given caffeine moved longer distances in the center and tended to spend more time there, indicating anxiety.”

Caffeine is a stimulant that can create anxiety when there is not enough food.

“Caffeine had two effects on behavior and food deprivation separated these effects.”

These effects may be due to blood sugar levels. 

People who have high or low blood sugar may be more sensitive to the anxiety-causing effects of caffeine.

I always take my caffeine supplement (AKA coffee) with food. Especially food containing good quality sugar.

Caffeine is a very useful supplement for many reasons. It can also be quite dangerous if you take too much or you take it on an empty stomach.

Don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning — eat something first, or drink your orange juice first.

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Acute food deprivation separates motor-activating from anxiolytic effects of caffeine in a rat open field test model