Breakthrough Research Reveals a Cancer-Curing Spice

Breakthrough Research Reveals a New Cancer Curing Spice

Wow… This spice has long been a traditional remedy, but now scientists are reporting it can STOP prostate cancer in men…

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Breakthrough Research Reveals a New Cancer-Curing Spice

Ginger is one of the most popular spices in the world.

It’s also known across the planet as a traditional remedy for many ailments.

The root of this plant is most well-known for its ability to stop nausea.

Studies show that ginger can increase testosterone and boost male fertility.

AND scientists have recently discovered that it seems to slow the growth of prostate cancer.

Benefits of whole ginger extract in prostate cancer.

These scientists carried out animal experiments at the Department of Biology, Georgia State University. They published the results in the British Journal of Nutrition.

The health-giving effects of this spice have made scientists curious about its anti-cancer potential.

“Ginger has been known to display anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiproliferative activities, indicating a role as a chemopreventive agent.”

This study was the first investigation into the effect of ginger on prostate cancer.

“There are no available reports that have tested the potential usefulness of ginger extract in prostate cancer.”

First, the researchers looked at the effect of the spice on human prostate cancer cells in a Petri dish.

Ginger extract slowed the growth of prostate cancer cells.

It also caused cancer cells to die at a faster rate.

“Whole ginger extract exerts significant growth-inhibitory and death-introductory effects in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells.”

If those results translate into living animals, then it really should slow the growth of prostate cancer.

So the researchers moved on to animal experiments.

“We wanted to determine whether the anti-cancer effects were restricted to cell cultures or were extended to living animals.“

This is the researchers transplanted human prostate cancer into lab mice.

“We examined the ability of ginger extract to inhibit human prostate cancer cells implanted into nude mice.”

They gave half of the experimental animals a ginger extract supplement.

“Animals in the treatment group were fed daily with 100 mg/kg ginger extract.”

The researchers tracked the progression of tumors in the animals.

They compared tumor growth in the ginger group against tumor growth in the control group.

“Responses to ginger extract treatment were followed by tumor volume measurements every other day using measuring calipers.”

Tumors grew uncontrollably in the animals that did not receive the spice extract.

“Tumors in untreated control animals showed unrestricted progression.”

Ginger extract restricted tumor growth.

“Ginger extract showed an inhibition of tumor growth for eight weeks.”

Over two months, the animals given the spice had significantly slower tumor growth.

“A reduction in tumor burden by approximately 56% was observable after eight weeks of 100 mg/kg per day oral feeding.”

AND the mice given the spice extract showed no signs of side effects.

They also maintained their normal body weight.

“Ginger was well tolerated, and mice maintained normal weight gain and showed no signs of discomfort during the treatment regimen.”

The researchers sacrificed the animals and examined the tumors two months after the start of the experiment.

Ginger-treated animals had tumors weighing more than 50% less.

“A 53% reduction in tumor weight was observed in the ginger-treated group compared to the control group.”

So the effect on prostate cancer in mice was the same as in the cell experiments.

It slowed the growth of cancer cells – and it increased the rate of death (apoptosis) of cancer cells.

“Tumor tissue from the ginger-treated mice showed reduced proliferation and widespread apoptosis compared with controls.”

Accelerated and uncontrolled growth is a hallmark of cancer cells.

But some other cells grow and divide pretty rapidly under normal circumstances.

The researchers looked at the effect of ginger on healthy cells with a normally high turnover.

“Ginger did not exert any detectable toxicity in normal, rapidly dividing tissues such as gut and bone marrow.”

So it seems to target a cancer-specific mechanism.

Practitioners of traditional medicine across the globe know about this spice’s wide array of health benefits.

But this is the first scientific study on ginger and prostate cancer.

“This is the first report to demonstrate the in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of whole ginger for the management of prostate cancer.”

Researchers estimated the amount of ginger extract and fresh ginger that would be the human equivalent to that used in the study.

“The human equivalent dose of the ginger extract was 567 mg for a 70 kg adult, which perhaps can be obtained from about 100 g of fresh ginger.”

When it’s powdered or ground, it’s is 4-8 times more potent than fresh.

So the same effect might be found in 12-25 grams of ground ginger.

It’s been used for thousands of years and is relatively safe.

But it can lower blood sugar and should be tested in much smaller doses first.

It’s also known to interact with anticoagulant and antiplatelet medications.

You should consult a healthcare professional about treating and diagnosing any health problems.

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