Breakthrough discoveries for treating inflammation and Alzhiemers

Breakthrough discoveries for treating inflammation and Alzhiemers

I have long believed that Alzheimer’s is a metabolic disorder more than anything else.

There are many theories about Alzheimer’s.

But the commonality that I see with people with Alzheimer’s is that they all have very poor metabolisms.

They all had inflammation in the body with their symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

One of the theories of Alzheimer’s is that people with Alzheimer’s have very fibrotic tangled plaque deposits in their brain.

And they believe that this causes Alzheimer’s.

But, there’s a new study that is just now that makes this theory suspect.


The study shows that many people who are 90 years and older have the same kind of fibrotic tangled plaque deposits in their brain.

These people still had extremely high cognitive abilities before they died.

They still had superior mental cognitive skills.

And they didn’t have ANY Alzheimer’s at all when they died.

The Northwestern findings are the first to indicate that full-blown Alzheimer pathology also can exist in brains of elderly who show superior cognitive performance.

This is more evidence that we don’t know anything about Alzheimer’s at all.

However, there are some things that have helped Alzheimer’s patients a great deal.

One of those things is aspirin.

And another is methylene blue.

The reason that these work is quite likely that many people have these plaque deposits even though they do not exhibit Alzheimer’s.

These plaques are called amyloid-beta plaques, and they used to think these caused Alzheimer’s.

But Alzheimer’s requires a combination of the plaques plus inflammation in the brain.

If you take a look at this diagram, you’ll see what I mean.

This is a review showing that although many older people develop this type of plaque in the brain, they can be as sharp as a tack.

And they’ll stay sharp, so long as they don’t have both inflammation and plaque in the brain.

The right side of the image shows people that had very sharp brains even though they had a lot of plaque in their brain.

This gives us great hope that we can maintain our healthy cognitive functions in old age.

There’s no need for us to lose our minds when we get old.

In fact, the people in the original study are over 90 years old and were as sharp or sharper than people in their 60s.

And they had a lot of plaque deposits in their brains but did not have Alzheimer’s.



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