Breaking: Common blood pressure treatment causes heart attacks

Breaking: Common blood pressure treatment causes heart attacks

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Here’s the blood pressure medications that the study shows are dangerous and should be taken OFF the market… 

—-Important Message—-

Warning: These are all the blood pressure medications men should STOP taking

There’s a crisis going on when it comes to men being treated for high blood pressure… 

Too many of the most popular blood pressure medications are getting recalled for terrible, life-changing side effects.

Some are causing cancer, giving men MORE heart attacks, and completely killing their natural erections.

So here are the worst 5 blood pressure medications on the market right now – are you taking one of these dangerous treatments? 


Breaking: Common blood pressure treatment causes heart attacks

What if a drug that is supposed to help PREVENT a heart attack actually CAUSED one instead?

That would be bad, right?

That’s what’s happening in some cases with the drug, nifedipine (sold under the brand name Procardia). 

It’s really scary – and if you take this drug you need to read this article.

Here’s what you need to know…

Commonly used heart drug associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest

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This study is specifically geared toward finding out what causes sudden cardiac arrest – because it’s a leading cause of death in both Europe and the US.

“Sudden cardiac arrest causes around half of cardiac deaths in Europe and one in five natural deaths. The heart stops pumping after a cardiac arrhythmia (ventricular fibrillation/tachycardia); this is lethal in minutes if untreated.”

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And, because sudden cardiac arrest kills people so quickly, a lot of times you’re dead before you can get treatment. 

That’s why looking at the causes is so important.

How the study was put together…

In this study, they looked at two widely used drugs – amlodipine and nifedipine. 

Both are used to treat high blood pressure and angina. 

They wanted to see if either drug (or both) contributed to higher rates of sudden cardiac death.

“The study examined if nifedipine and amlodipine, dihydropyridines widely used for high blood pressure and angina, are linked with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.”

They looked at the most common doses in which both drugs are prescribed. 

“The nifedipine doses most often used and studied in this investigation are 30 mg and 60 mg (90 mg is available but infrequently used) and the amlodipine doses are 5 mg and 10 mg. Standard practice is to start with a lower dose, then give the higher dose if blood pressure or chest pain are not sufficiently reduced.”

This study was also set up with a large database and plenty of controls. 

These things make the study more accurate.

“In total, the study included 2,503 patients and 10,543 controls in the ARREST analysis and 8,101 patients and 40,505 controls in the DANCAR analysis.”

But it’s the results of this study that should make you take notice!

The higher dose of nifedipine INCREASED sudden cardiac arrest.

This is important – because these drugs are SUPPOSED to lower high blood pressure and lower the risk of a heart attack…

But at the higher doses, they are actually INCREASING the risk of a heart attack. 

“Current use of high-dose (>60 mg/day), but not low-dose (<60 mg/day), nifedipine was significantly associated with an increased risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest compared to non-use of dihydropyridines, with an odds ratio of 1.5 in ARREST and 2.0 in DANCAR.”

And here’s some more!

“This study suggests that high-dose nifedipine may increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest due to fatal cardiac arrhythmia while amlodipine does not. If these findings are confirmed in other studies, they may have to be taken into account when the use of either drug is considered.”

I’m NOT telling you to go off high blood pressure medication willy-nilly. You should always work with your doctor when going off any medication. 

What I AM telling you to do is check what you’re taking and consider trying to lower your blood pressure through natural means.

I’ve had A LOT of success teaching guys how to lower their high blood pressure naturally.

Doctors like to prescribe meds… 

It’s what most people seem to want – and it’s easier than making lifestyle changes.

But most people can lower their blood pressure safely and without a ton of hassle through a few simple methods.

If you decide to go this route, make sure you monitor your blood pressure closely because it can fall.

And also, make sure to work with your doctor when you are trying to reduce or eliminate any meds you’re on.

In the meantime, if you’re taking a high dose of nifedipine, then you should talk to your doctor immediately about alternative treatments. 

It may save your life!

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