Brain-penile connection

Your O’s will never be the same again…

—-Important Message for Men Over 40—-

This simple over-the-counter remedy restores a hot, fast metabolism in men

Decades ago, a little-known doctor in Colorado named Dr. Broda Barnes did a study that’s never been done before or since.

He took 3,000 men who were dying of heart disease…dying of pneumonia…dying of cancer…

Men with severe erections problems…high cholesterol, high blood pressure, belly fat, low T…

And Dr. Barnes restored the metabolism of these 3,000 men — and instead of hundreds having heart disease, only 5 men had heart disease…

And there was virtually no cancer, no pneumonia… just about perfect health for these 3,000 men with restored metabolisms…

And remember: the only thing Dr. Barnes did was restore the men’s metabolisms

He didn’t do surgery on these men…

He didn’t prescribe expensive and dangerous treatments for these men…

Dr. Barnes simply restored these men’s metabolisms with a simple over-the-counter remedy…

a remedy that naturally restores a hot, fast metabolism and helps reverse virtually all health problems


Brain-penile connection

The human brain is really something spectacular.

We can develop new pathways in our brains for our entire lives.

That means we can always learn, always improve, and always become better humans.

In my work, this plasticity (the technical term for it) means that men can rewire their brains…

Rewiring them to entirely new and sensational pleasure experiences that are WAY better than anything they felt in their teens or twenties.

It also means that our brains can sometimes “fool” us on a psychobiological level into believing something – like a placebo – is effective…

Even if it doesn’t do anything “real” in our bodies, it can still have actual physical effects in our bodies.

One of the stranger things to come out of current science is that the placebo effect works even when we know it’s a placebo.

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If you think it’s real then it’s real.

Most people know about the placebo effect.

It’s why double-blind studies in science are so important.

You want to make sure treatments work better than the placebo.

As a side note, you should also look at the trials of the treatments you are taking and see if they are significantly better than the placebo.

 Sometimes the difference is super minor.

It is well documented that people often feel better after taking a treatment without active ingredients simply because they believe it’s real — known as the placebo effect.

As humans, we can take a medication that is completely fake and get real results from it.

We used to think that we had to believe the treatment is real to get benefits.

But it turns out that’s not entirely the case.

Even if you know it’s not real your brain and body can treat it as real.

A study out of Michigan State University recently demonstrated that you can KNOW the placebo is a placebo…

…and that it has no active ingredients…

…and if you BELIEVE it will help then it will still help.

Now, evidence shows that even if people are aware that their treatment is not “real” — known as nondeceptive placebos — believing that it can heal can lead to changes in how the brain reacts to emotional information.

This is really wild and shows how powerful our brains can be.

The potential for this is really mind-boggling.

I think the potential for this discovery is really something to consider.

“Just think: What if someone took a side-effect free sugar ‘capsule’ twice a day after going through a short convincing video on the power of placebos and experienced reduced stress as a result?,” said Darwin Guevarra, MSU postdoctoral fellow and the study’s lead author. “These results raise that possibility.”

So many “active” Big Pharma treatments have real and serious side effects.

What if in some of these cases taking a placebo that you knew was a placebo worked just as well?

Could that make a difference for people? I tend to think that it can.

I’m not knocking real pharmaceuticals. They can be lifesaving.

What I am saying is that sometimes what you believe about something can make all the difference in your results.

I’ve seen this many times in the work I do with guys.

Often the guys that believe they will experience pleasure again get the best results – even when they start out skeptical.

Your brain is powerful, and if you believe that the placebo will get you results sometimes it actually will…

Even when you know there are no active ingredients.

It’s weird, but true.

—-Important Message for Men’s Rockiness—-

3 solo activities that rewire the brain for more pleasure

There’s a brain-penile connection in men that can be broken…

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And when it’s broken, the member stops receiving “get rocky” signals from the brain…

The result? Poor rockiness, less lasting power, less pleasure.

So most men with erections problems are suffering from a broken brain-penile connection without even realizing it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to restore this connection with a simple rewiring method…

…3 simple solo activities that naturally rewire the brain-penile connection, making it stronger than ever…

And the result is much better rockiness, 30-minute lasting power, and more pleasure than you’ve felt in years.

Here are the 3 solo activities


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