Boosting zinc this way boosts testosterone and rockiness

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This is the safest, most natural way to get more zinc

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Boosting zinc this way boosts testosterone and rockiness

Zinc is a very important trace mineral.

Many foods contain small amounts, but only some foods, like oysters, contain large amounts of zinc.

Zinc is very important for optimal hormone levels.

It helps to keep testosterone high while limiting estrogen.

Zinc is also centrally important to the functioning of a healthy immune system.

Older people tend to have lower immunity, leaving them open to viral and bacterial disease.

The thymus gland is the heart of the immune system — and it tends to shrink with age, making it far less effective in protecting us against immunity.

Older people have lower levels of zinc.

Animal experiments have shown quite clearly that optimising zinc levels can reverse the age-related degeneration of the thymus gland, restoring strong immune function.

We all need to think about optimising our zinc levels — but this is particularly important for vegetarians who tend to have lower levels of zinc.

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This review of human nutritional research was carried out at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

The findings were published in Advances in Food and Nutrition Research.

Many foods contain trace amounts of zinc. Meat contains a little more than most foods.

But the moderate amount of zinc in meat can end up being quite significant when you eat meat regularly.

“In the absence of animal tissue sources of zinc and with increased intake of zinc inhibitors, the bioavailability of zinc is thought to be lower from vegetarian compared to omnivorous diets.”

So, vegetarians may be consuming less zinc and may be absorbing less of the zinc that they do consume because of things like phytate acid, high in vegetarian diets, which block zinc absorption.

This review of the research was carried out to see if vegetarians actually do have lower levels of zinc.

Zinc status can really only be assessed by looking at the amount of zinc in the body, not by the amount of zinc consumed, because it’s relatively difficult to absorb.

“We focused on observational human studies that reported both zinc intake and biomarkers of zinc status.”

The researchers found that adult vegetarians have lower levels of zinc.

“Compared to non-vegetarian groups, adult male and female vegetarians have lower dietary zinc intakes and blood zinc concentrations.”

This means that the average vegetarian will have a weaker immune system compared to the average omnivore.

This is also a particular problem for male vegetarians. 

You see, zinc is an aromatase inhibitor.

Aromatase is the enzyme which turns testosterone into estrogen.

By blocking aromatase, zinc keeps testosterone levels higher in estrogen levels lower — essential for male health.

Of course, there is no strict definition of vegetarian. Some vegetarians eat seafood, and seafood is one of the best sources of zinc.

In particular, oysters are a great source of zinc.

4 to 6 ounces of fresh oysters contains enough zinc for one whole week.

And so, vegetarians who eat plenty of seafood may actually have better zinc status than the average omnivore.

And then of course, some vegetarians may be using zinc supplements.

“Appropriate dietary advice to increase zinc content and bioavailability of vegetarian diets throughout the life cycle is prudent.”

The truth is that many people don’t get enough zinc.

As we get older, our digestion tends to get weaker and we absorb less of the zinc that we eat.

Low levels of zinc are one of the primary causes of decreased immunity in older people.

So it’s important for everyone to make sure that they get adequate zinc whether it be through high zinc food like oysters or by taking zinc supplements.

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Vegetarian diets across the lifecycle: impact on zinc intake and status