Boosting testosterone this way may help men fight off the virus

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Male androgens like testosterone go a long way toward boosting your innate immune system…

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How to use cheap OTC remedies to boost your defenses to the virus (men only)

A new study shows that men are getting much sicker and dying far more often from the virus…

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In fact, men are a whopping 3 times more likely to be hospitalized if they get it.

And I think I know why…

Here’s what I recommend to men who want to boost their immunity to the virus naturally at home


Boosting testosterone this way may help men fight off the virus

In this era where concerns over viruses are heightened, it is important to be aware of the drivers of our innate immunity.

Viruses such as influenza are an inseparable feature of human existence.

There are countless such viruses in our environments and within ourselves.

In particular, what drives susceptibility to viral infection? Why do some people exhibit symptoms when others do not?

One thing which has been known for millennia is that stressed individuals are most susceptible to developing symptoms associated with viruses.

In a state of chronic stress, hormones such as estrogen and cortisol become elevated, in both sexes.

These hormones are highly catabolic, and destroy important tissues which are a central part of our immune systems.

The most important example is the thymus gland, from which T cells (components of white blood cells) develop and mature.

Under the sustained and chronic influence of estrogen and cortisol, the natural immunity of the body collapses…

And this explains why some people get very sick from the very same viruses which do not affect healthy people at all.

Generally, men are seen to be more vulnerable than women to these various complications.

One of the commonly held reasons has been the belief that testosterone, the “male hormone,” is immune-suppressive.

On the opposite side of the coin, women, especially during reproductive age, benefit from ample supplies of protective steroid hormones such as progesterone.

This is thought to explain why women fare better, generally speaking.

Children and teenagers also benefit from a large supply of protective hormones like progesterone and DHEA, and are therefore less likely to develop severe symptoms from most viruses.

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Going to back to testosterone, and androgens in general, a study by Nowak et al. (2018) found no evidence suggesting that androgens could be immunosuppressants:

“Free testosterone and marginally DHT levels were positively correlated with the strength of the influenza post-vaccination response. Total testosterone and DHEA showed no immunomodulatory properties. Our findings did not support ICHH assumptions about immunosuppressive function of androgens.” – Nowak et al. (2013)

Indeed, androgens like testosterone and DHT are firmly protective against the catabolic effects of stress and the influence of cortisol and estrogen.

In healthy individuals, hormones like progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, and DHT rise to oppose the deleterious effects of chronic elevations of cortisol, adrenaline and estrogen.

Healthy young men, with high levels of testosterone and various androgens, are very unlikely to experience severe symptoms from various viruses.

Accordingly, any lifestyle factor which optimizes androgens (nutritious foods, resistance training, sunshine exposure etc.) should be understood as a good preventive measure to minimize the risks of adverse symptoms associated with poor immunity.

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Nowak, J., Pawłowski, B., Borkowska, B., Augustyniak, D., & Drulis-Kawa, Z. (2018). No evidence for the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis in male humans. Scientific reports, 8(1), 7392.