Boosting stem cell production this way can slow down aging

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Stem cell production slows down as we age…but this may rejuvenate stem cell production to youthful levels again…

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Boosting stem cell production this way can slow down aging

The body is built from innumerable cells and these cells periodically die.

So to keep the body young, cells need to be constantly replenished.

The body creates new cells from stem cells.

Stem cells are like factories that make new cells.

But sometimes things go wrong in stem cells…

Biologists believe that aging is partially caused by increasing defects in stem cell production.

They also believe that life can be prolonged perhaps by decades…just by boosting stem cell production.

Recent experiments are testing this theory.

And the results are showing that a simple supplement can rejuvenate stem cell production.

So in this study, researchers gave old mice this supplement. Then they stressed the old mice and observed their recovery.

The stem-cell-boosting supplement allowed older mice to recover like young mice, possibly due to increased stem cell production.

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Researchers conducted these animal and cell experiments at the University of Tokyo, Japan. The journal Aging Cell published the results.

The function of tissues and organs declines with age.

And so does stem cell production…

Stem cells help to build these tissues and organs.

“Previous studies have described the aging‐related deterioration of adult stem cell function.”

The intestinal tract has some of the fastest turnover of cells anywhere in the body.

So intestinal stem cells are a great place to test the effect of stem cell production on aging and disease.

The first part of this investigation looked at intestinal stem cell production in old and young mice.

Older mice had fewer intestinal stem cells.

Those stem cells also had problems changing into functional cells.

“The number of intestinal stem cells in old mice decreases, suggesting that self-renewal of intestinal stem cells is reduced and differentiation of stem cells is decreased.”

Older animals have difficulty regenerating because of stem cell problems.

The researchers then tested the effect of a supplement on the regenerative ability of stem cells.

They wanted to know if they could make stem cells “younger.”

The experiment used a supplement called nicotinamide riboside.

An alternative form of vitamin B3, nicotinamide riboside helps cells produce energy more easily.

The supplement improved the health of stem cells.

Stem cell production increased using the supplement.

And the existing stem cells now had a greater ability to develop into functional cells.

“The treatment rejuvenates intestinal stem cells from aged mice.”

The researchers then tested the rejuvenative effect of improved stem cell health.

They supplemented old and young mice with nicotinamide riboside for a few weeks.

Then they gave the mice a toxin called DSS.

Scientists use DSS in animal experiments to create inflammation in the intestinal tract (colitis).

Could the stem-cell-boosting supplement provide some protection against colitis?

Previous studies showed that protection against colitis is largely dependent on stem cells.

Old animals given the supplement treatment proved to be as resilient as young animals.

“Nicotinamide riboside treatment suppressed the increase in susceptibility to DSS to levels observed in young mice.”

Nicotinamide riboside improved stem cell production in older animals.

The older animals then recovered like youngsters.

“Nicotinamide riboside rescues damage repair defects in the aging gut. This is likely by restoring intestinal stem cell to numbers found in young mice.”

The researchers effectively reversed one aspect of aging.

And, by increasing the numbers of stem cells, they restored youthful resilience.

The study shows that supplements that improve stem cell production could slow aging and fight disease.

Nicotinamide riboside helps with something called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

NAD+ improves energy production in cells.

This may be why it improves stem cell function.

Nicotinamide riboside (or niagen) is closely related to the commonly sold vitamin B3 (niacinamide).

And actually I think plain niacinamide is just as effective and quite cheap.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating health-related problems.

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NAD+ supplementation rejuvenates aged gut adult stem cells.