Salt and High Blood Pressure May be a Big Fat Myth. Discover If You Are Eating BLAND Food For No Reason.

Salt, salt, salt, and pills. If you have high blood pressure that is probably what you hear from your doc. Lower your salt intake and take these pills. Blah, blah, blah. This new study shows a different story….

Doc Want to Put you on Blood Pressure Meds? Double Check FIRST this way. You May Be Able to Avoid the Meds All Together.

Because sometimes your blood pressure can spike at the doctor’s office… and then be fine otherwise, and you may not want to be on blood pressure lowering drugs anyway for a bunch of reasons, but ESPECIALLY not when when you don’t really need to lower your blood pressure.

Lies, More Lies and Misinformation. Salt, Your Heart and Hypertension. The REAL Truth About Salt and Hypertension that Your Doc Is Probably Not Telling You About.

More and more evidence is piling up, like a heap of potatoes going into stew. Salt does not CAUSE high blood pressure or increased rates of death. And in some ways salt seems to have a protective effect and may actually extend life.

Could Missing This Incredibly Common Mineral Be Causing Your High Blood Pressure? Most Guys Don’t Get Enough.

You won’t often hear about alternative treatments to blood pressure and other diseases. Especially if they aren’t patentable. And minerals aren’t patentable. So there’s no money in them.

Does Red Meat Cause High Blood Pressure? Maybe Not According to New Research.

This is the dumb advice that we’ve been getting from the medical establishment (mostly controlled by Big Pharma) for 20+ years, because it’s supposed to help lower the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure.

This Common Drink Spikes Blood Pressure – Docs Won’t Tell You About This

It’s a pretty safe assumption that your blood pressure will go up and stay up when you consume a lot of this drink. And then on your next visit your doc is going to want to prescribe blood pressure lowering medications.

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