Warning: blood pressure readings being tampered with


It’s a little strange. All of a sudden, the experts are telling millions of people who thought they were healthy that they now have a condition called prehypertension.

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Warning: blood pressure readings being tampered with.

I’ve written a lot about blood pressure.

One thing you have learned here at Daily Medical Discoveries, if you’ve been paying attention, is that what is deemed “high blood pressure” today was normal blood pressure a number of years ago.

How can that be?

Why are so many more men being diagnosed with high blood pressure now than in the past?

Is it all because of our horrible lifestyles?

It’s simpler than that:

The numbers that indicate “high blood pressure” have been lowered.

With a lower standard for high blood pressure, more chemicals are given.

Today’s medicine is all about selling chemicals and making profits.

It’s not so much about really helping men.

Now a brilliant study has made it clear that many men who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure were misdiagnosed – under the old or the new value guidelines.

Were you one of them?

This study shines a very bright light on the falsity, the untruthfulness, of “common medical wisdom.”

With millions of men taking high blood pressure chemicals, you would think that modern medicine would have figured out how to measure high blood pressure a long time ago.

You would be wrong.

The standard of care is for your blood pressure to be measured after you rest on the exam table for three to five minutes.

But nobody bothered to validate this arbitrary time frame.

Until these researchers looked into it.

This is an elegant and simple experiment.

They monitored the blood pressure of about 200 people over a time frame of half an hour.  

The study clearly showed that waiting five minutes to check someone’s blood pressure is not nearly enough.

To get an accurate reading requires 25 minutes.

In 25 minutes, many men who would normally have been diagnosed with high blood pressure were found to have normal blood pressure.

As the graph shows, checking blood pressure after only five minutes of rest would result in as many as 60% of men being diagnosed with hypertension. And therefore requiring medication.

But if the men are allowed to rest for 25 minutes, their blood pressure comes down and only 30% to 40% would be diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Think about that.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that anybody has shown that blood pressure is being measured incorrectly.

So much so that probably millions of men with normal blood pressure are taking chemicals for high blood pressure.

What to do now?

I would show this study to your doctor and insist on a 25-minute rest before the test.

I bet you that many men who try this will find themselves no longer being given hypertension chemicals.

This is very important because these chemicals have a lot of side effects.

And many of those side effects cause erection problems.

If you can avoid taking these chemicals, you will avoid a range of health problems and sexual side effects.

Remember, don’t stop taking your blood pressure chemicals on your own.

Go to your doctor and get checked after you’ve been allowed to rest for 25 minutes.

The results of this excellent study are very clear. You need to insist on this.

If your doctor is not willing, you may want to consider finding a new doctor.

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