Believe it or not, a high-salt diet can protect against cancer

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Are you eating enough salt?

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Believe it or not, a high-salt diet can protect against cancer

Salt has gotten a bad reputation over the last few decades.

While it might be wise for people with certain conditions to lower salt intake…

…for most people salt has more pros than cons.

Recent research looked at the effect of salt on cancer.

The experiments showed that cancer growth was slowed by salt. 

The effect was seen in cell experiments and in mice.

Salt helps the immune system to block cancer growth.

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The experiments were carried out by researchers at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. The results were published in Frontiers in Immunology.

Changes in cell growth and death are the factors which can lead to cancerous tumors. 

One of the things that affects these factors is the immune system.

“The immune system is able to recognize cancer, it can attack and eradicate tumors as recent advances in the field of cancer immunotherapy have shown.”

The cells that make up the immune system can have inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects.

Immune system inflammation needs to be in balance to keep cancer in check.

“The balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory cells  is critical for preserving immune homeostasis and a disturbed immune cell balance is believed to contribute to cancer.”

In recent years, researchers have discovered that salt has a potent effect on the immune system.

“Recent data have demonstrated that a high salt diet could influence the immune cell balance toward a pro-inflammatory state.”

These findings made the researchers curious about the effect of salt on cancer.

“These pro-inflammatory effects of high salt on the immune cell balance raise the question if high salt conditions could also affect anti-tumor immunity and cancer.”

The researchers looked at the effect of salt on critical immune cells.

These cells are called myeloid derived suppressor cells.

Myeloid derived suppressor cells prevent other immune cells from attacking cancer cells.

In the cell experiments, salt prevented myeloid derived suppressor cells from working efficiently.

This allowed the immune cells to attack cancer cells more effectively.

So the researchers moved on to testing a high salt diet in mice.

The researchers transplanted human skin cancer cells into lab mice. Some of the mice were fed a high salt diet — the rest of the mice got a standard amount of salt.

The high salt diet slowed the growth of cancer in the mice.

“High salt diet fed mice showed a significantly inhibited tumor growth in the B16 tumor model.”

The researchers repeated the experiment. This time the transplanted human lung cancer cells into the mice.

Again, some mice got a standard amount of salt and others got a high salt diet.

“We then tested the high salt diet regimen in the Lewis lung carcinoma model.”

Again, the high salt diet slowed cancer growth.

“The high salt diet also significantly delayed Lewis lung cancer tumor growth.”

Salt slowed the growth of cancer in cell experiments and in 2 different animal experiments.

“The high salt diet was able to significantly inhibit tumor growth into independent tumor transplantation models.”

The high salt diet seems to slow the growth of cancer by increasing immune system attacks and cancer cells.

“A high salt diet may positively affect anti-tumor immunity.”

Salt is already known to affect these critical immune cells in humans.

“Suppressive activity under high salt concentrations was also observed in circulating human myeloid derived suppressor cells from cancer patients.”

Those observations lead researchers to be optimistic that these anti-cancer effects could be viable in humans too.

“A high salt could similarly affect immune cell function in humans.”

High salt diets may turn out to be a viable anti-cancer strategy in the future.

“The targeting of this mechanism could potentially be a novel beneficial strategy in settings of cancer immunotherapy.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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High Salt Inhibits Tumor Growth by Enhancing Anti-tumor Immunity