Baicalein could be the prostate answer you are looking for

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Baicalein could be the prostate answer you are looking for

Baicalein is a compound found in Scutellaria baicalensis — a plant commonly used in traditional treatments in Russia and Asia.

The plant is more commonly known as the Chinese skullcap.

Chinese skullcap has many traditional uses, including as a cancer therapy, reducing pain and inflammation, fighting gum disease and decreasing anxiety.

It is particularly well-known as a treatment for breast cancer and prostate cancer — cancers especially sensitive to high levels of estrogen.

It’s also effective against prostate hyperplasia — probably in part to its numerous anti-estrogen effects.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China. The results were published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin.

Hyperplasia is the medical term for enlargement. Prostate hyperplasia is the abnormal enlargement of the prostate gland.

This type of prostate enlargement causes problems urinating, loss of bladder control, urinary tract infections, bladder stones and kidney problems.

It can become a real impediment to life, though it is considered a minor medical problem.

The common treatments include surgery and 5α-reductase inhibitors — treatments which lower male hormones causing depression, sexual problems, and mental degeneration.

Prostate hyperplasia is NOT caused by male hormones — that is a medical myth.

One of the major causes of prostate hyperplasia is high estrogen.

In these experiments, researchers looked at the effect of baicalein from Chinese skullcap on prostate hyperplasia in a couple of different animal models.

“We determined the effect of baicalein on prostatic hyperplasia in experimental animal models. ”

Chinese skullcap is a common herbal remedy used to treat prostate problems in the East.

The researchers gave rats and mice prostate hyperplasia by a number of different experimental techniques.

Shortly after those procedures, some of the animals were given varying doses of baicalein.

The experiment ran for three weeks — after which the animals were sacrificed and had their prostate glands examined.

“With the histopathological examination, the efficacy of baicalein on prostate hyperplasia in experimental animals was evaluated.”

Rats given the herbal extract had smaller, healthier prostates — they weren’t as enlarged.

”Results showed that baicalein at doses of 260 and 130 mg/kg significantly inhibited prostatic hyperplasia in castrated rats.”

Baicalein was also effective in reducing prostate hyperplasia in mice.

“Baicalein also significantly inhibited prostatic hyperplasia in mice induced by transplantation of homologous strain fetal mouse urogenital sinus.”

Chinese skullcap — the best natural source of baicalein — is long-known for its effect of inhibiting prostate cancer and breast cancer.

This research shows that it could also be effective in treating other prostate problems.

“These results suggested that baicalein has an inhibitory effect on prostatic hyperplasia in experimental animals.”

Prostate hyperplasia was developed in these animals in part by using high doses of testosterone. But baicalein prevented hyperplasia in this case.

Baicalein does not lower testosterone. It does lower the enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen.

This enzyme, called aromatase, is increased simply by very high levels of testosterone.

This means that high testosterone can lead to high estrogen. It is estrogen that seems to be the main trigger for prostate hyperplasia.

And it may be that baicalein works because it lowers estrogen and indirectly RAISES testosterone by preventing the testosterone you are making from turning into estrogen.

This was the first study looking at the effect of this herbal extract and prostate hyperplasia.

“Prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease among elderly males, although there has been no report on the effect of baicalein in inhibiting this condition.”

The researchers believe that the results are important because they worked very diligently to develop accurate models of prostate hyperplasia in the rats and mice.

“The model is the same as that in human beings. The results from our study indicated that baicalein had a preventive effect on the model.”

Chinese skullcap and baicalein may be a useful treatment for prostate hyperplasia.

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Effect of baicalein on experimental prostatic hyperplasia in rats and mice