How to Be an Alpha Male at Work by Tweaking These Two Hormones

Lots of times guys say to me “Matt, I wish I was more aggressive at work, it would help me get ahead.”

And these guys are right, being aggressive CAN help you get ahead. The guy who is aggressive will often get noticed over the guy who hugs the wall, and he will get the promotions and the recognition and pats on the back.

While the other guy who is just as competent gets passed over like a turd on the sidewalk.

That is not cool. No one wants to be a turd on the sidewalk.

But if you are a shy person, how do you dial up that aggression enough to stand out in the crowd? Trying to be aggressive when it’s not your natural thing can cause actual physical pain, to the point of throwing up for some guys.

But hormones can change that. Imagine yourself getting any promotion you wanted, or asking for a raise and just getting it. Imagine getting one over on the alpha male in your office. How awesome would that be?

For guys, new research is showing that the answer to achieving alpha male status is to dial up the testosterone – but there is a trick. Another sneaky hormone has to be lowered because new research is showing it actually BLOCKS testosterone. More on that in a minute.

If you are a shy guy (and you are not alone) and tired of being looked over for the guys who are more aggressive but can’t do the work as well, then you need to pay attention to this. Because tweaking these two hormones could change your life.

Most people know someone who is less competent than them at work, but still gets all the promotions and perks, simply because they are more aggressive.

This has to do with the type of behaviors that make men alpha males.

And that is directly linked to being able to be competitive.

Testosterone increases status seeking behavior

There’s a lot of crass jokes out there about men and testosterone and how it makes our behavior “bad”.

But the truth is that high testosterone can actually give you a serious social boost. And help you create behaviors that define social status. So that you are at the top of the heap and so that other men sit up and take notice (women will too by the way) of your prowess and ability.

In this study, which was using the classic game of “chicken” the most aggressive players had the highest testosterone.

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High testosterone levels are associated with competitive, status-seeking social behaviors.

Testosterone is not enough by itself to give you this alpha male effect.

Even if you have high testosterone, you aren’t likely to get the social benefits if you are ill or your body has stress or you are restricting calories. Because these things create cortisol and cortisol suppresses the effect of testosterone – even if you have high testosterone to begin with.

The influence of testosterone is facilitated by low cortisol levels, but blocked by high levels of cortisol.

Cortisol BLOCKS Testosterone.

This also explains why some guys are have more social status when they are younger, but it fades as they age. Because cortisol often increases in our bodies as we get older. And that suppresses the ability of testosterone to do it’s job.

(another reason to fix cortisol levels? They cause poor erections – not something any guy really wants to deal with)

When testosterone isn’t doing it’s job, social status seeking behavior goes down.

The key to alpha male status at work is to make sure your body is producing enough testosterone, AND that you don’t have too much cortisol.

One of the keys to lowering cortisol (so it doesn’t suppress your testosterone) is to change what you eat.

PUFAs or polyunsaturated fatty acids produce something in your body called prostoglandin E1.

Prostaglandin E1 is one of the stress chemicals produced when your body is stressed inside. Which is exactly when it produces cortisol.

Get rid of the PUFAs and your cortisol will go down

This is what I recommend. Eliminate all the PUFAs from your diet to decrease cortisol in your body. But watch it PUFAs are everywhere in the Western diet in particular, especially in processed foods.

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Between these two things you may just find yourself gaining a bit more alpha male status at work. The hormones really are that powerful.


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