Alcohol lowers testosterone, even one or two drinks a day

Alcohol lowers testosterone, even one or two drinks a day

It’s been a big thing among doctors for years to tell their patients to consume some alcohol.

I think that this started when researchers discovered that alcohol helps to lower heart disease rates.

But is it true?

What does alcohol do to testosterone levels in men?

Men with high testosterone levels tend to have a lower number of heart attacks.

So it’s important to understand the effects of drinking on testosterone and sex hormones in general.

We want our testosterone nice and high, don’t we?

There will be men who are listening to their doctors who tell them that testosterone causes prostate cancer growth.

But that’s not necessarily true at all — but I won’t cover that now.

I’ll just assume you want to keep your testosterone nice and high for our newsletter today.

And we’ll talk about testosterone levels and drinking alcohol.

These men received alcohol and a standardized diet.

None of these men lost or gained weight.

So we can rule out any weight gain as a cause in any results.

And as you can see from this chart, testosterone levels fell quite a bit — from 29% to 55% lower within three weeks.

That is a HUGE drop in testosterone.

Now, these men didn’t consume just one or two drinks.

They drank enough to have unpleasant consequences.

The men received alcohol every three hours.

So they had no chance of letting it get out of their system.

They consumed the equivalent of a 750ml vodka bottle each day.

That’s about 17 or so average-sized drinks, in every 24 hours.

We can assume that moderate drinking such as two or three drinks a day would not drop testosterone nearly that much.

But every study that’s focused on alcohol and testosterone showed that alcohol lowers testosterone and raises estrogen.

We have to look at an extreme study like this to see just how much effect alcohol has.

In this study, they looked at moderate drinking and its effects on sex hormones in both men and postmenopausal women.

Plasma testosterone level decreased in men by 6.8%.

And this is just from moderate consumption — just two drinks per day or less.

These levels of alcohol are the same as maybe 1 1/2 to 2 glasses of wine, or one or two beers a day.

Serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level increased by 11.7%.

Since you know I am a fan of higher cholesterol levels, this is actually a good effect.

Also, the beneficial hormone levels of DHEA-S increased a bit.

But so did estradiol, the most potent form of estrogen — NOT a good thing.

When you begin drinking, alcohol begins lowering testosterone production.

Over time, the effect will increase estrogen and lower testosterone further and further.

Even moderate drinking lowers testosterone.



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