A spoonful of this makes a cough go away

Portrait of a young and cheerful woman with a jar full of sweet honey on the kitchen at home

This one food is proven to work better than any other OTC cough medicine

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A spoonful of this makes a cough go away

A “cough” is usually caused by an upper respiratory tract infection (or URTI for short).

These are usually viral and rarely are they life threatening.

But coughs cause a lot of discomfort — and people are often not happy with how effective the standard treatments are.

These “usual” treatments include cough syrups, cough suppressants, antihistamines, and painkillers like acetaminophen.

Now more and more doctors are giving out antibiotics for relatively mild coughs — and this has experts worried.

So worried that they are beginning to pay more attention to more traditional cough treatments like honey.

A recent study from Oxford University found that honey is significantly more effective at treating coughs than the usual treatments.

It’s much safer and has fewer side effects too.

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The meta-analysis of human studies was published in the British Medical Journal.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming a real worry for the healthcare industry.

(The answer to the antibiotic problem is bacteriophages — virus-like particles that target specific bacteria – I talked about them a couple weeks ago)

Medical professionals tend to ignore solutions like bacteriophages and focus on lowering doses of antibiotics.

“Antibiotic over ‘dosing’ for upper respiratory tract infections in primary care exacerbates antimicrobial resistance.”

This was what drove researchers at Oxford University to look for other solutions to upper respiratory tract infections — which commonly cause coughs.

“There is a need for effective alternatives to antibiotic ‘dosing.’”

Honey is one of the oldest traditional medicines — and it is well known to help with coughs and other infectious diseases.

(URTI = upper respiratory tract infections)

“Honey is a well known traditional therapy for URTI symptoms. It is recommended for children under 10 but the evidence base for honey use for other URTI symptoms and populations has not been evaluated.”

So these researchers set about analysing the best data which assessed honey in the treatment of URTI/coughs.

They combed through online digital scientific and medical databases.

That search turned up 14 studies with over 1300 individual personal records.

“We identified 1345 unique records, and 14 studies were included.”

Using all of this data, the researchers compared the effectiveness of honey against more common, modern treatments for URTI/cough.

The common treatments included antihistamines, cough syrups, anti-inflammatories, painkillers and steroids.

These were called “usual care” and they were compared against honey.

Honey performed better than usual care treatments in all categories assessed.

“Compared with usual care, honey improved combined symptom score, cough frequency and cough severity.”

Compared with usual care OTC medications, honey was:

36% better at reducing coughing frequency,


44% better at reducing cough severity.

“Honey was superior to usual care for the improvement of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.”

The average duration of infection was shortened by 2 days in people taking honey vs those taking standard OTC treatments.

The researchers concluded that honey should be used instead of antibiotics in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections/coughs.

“Honey provides a widely available and cheap alternative to antibiotics. Honey could help efforts to slow the spread of antimicrobial resistance.”

The authors of this study speculate that honey could help fight these viral infections because it contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps to kill viruses.

This may be true, but honey has other known antiviral and antibiotic effects.

Honey also comes with no known side effects — unlike many of the “usual care” medications it was compared against — some of which can be pretty harmful.

Upper respiratory tract infections/coughs are usually not life threatening — but sometimes they can become critical.

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Effectiveness of honey for symptomatic relief in upper respiratory tract infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis