A simple vitamin may revolutionize Parkinson’s treatment

Parkinson’s disease is a very strange bird. There is no definitive diagnosis. The diagnosis is made based on symptoms. And there is even something that is similar to Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism, and people with “true” Parkinson’s will say that parkinsonism is not the same. So something that fixes parkinsonism may not fix true Parkinson’s disease.

The disease is characterized by a variety of symptoms which are quite easily visible and evident. The person with Parkinson’s has a shuffling kind of gait. They shake. They do things really slowly. They have trouble with her motor skills. And eventually, Parkinson’s becomes very serious, and they lose motor skills altogether.

Let’s look first at an analysis of what may be known right now about Parkinson’s, and then we’ll look at a very simple treatment that may work better than expensive drugs, and yet is virtually completely safe.

A simple vitamin may revolutionize Parkinson's treatmentCoffee lowers incidence of Parkinson’s

a significantly decreased risk for coffee drinkers

Smoking lowers incidence of Parkinson’s

Many epidemiological studies have shown a reduced risk … among cigarette smokers. 

So now let’s get into the study that shows what may actually improve Parkinson’s and yet you have not heard about

A simple vitamin may revolutionize Parkinson's treatmentPeople with Parkinson’s have very few options. Their given drugs that don’t work very well and are loaded with side effects.

But in this study, they gave high amounts of a simple vitamin, vitamin B1 or thiamine. And the results were spectacular. Most or all of the symptoms went away. And the dosages were such that they could be sustained over the long term without any metabolic damage or harm.

From our clinical evidence, we hypothesize that a dysfunction of thiamine-dependent metabolic processes could cause selective neuronal damage in the centers typically affected by this disease and might be a fundamental molecular event provoking neurodegeneration. Thiamine could have both restorative and neuroprotective action in [Parkinson’s].

So why aren’t all Parkinson’s patients taking thiamine?

You can buy thiamine for $20 for a huge bag that will last you for months, even at this high dosage. And thymine has a long history of safe use. That’s probably why doctors are not trained in the administration of thiamine for Parkinson’s patients. Because the drug companies are not promoting thiamine.

If you have Parkinson’s, or you know someone with Parkinson’s, you might want to suggest that they talk to your doctor about taking thiamine.


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