A new way to get amazing chronic pain relief

A new way to get amazing chronic pain relief

Here’s a very novel way of relieving pain.

A lot of people contact me because they’re in chronic pain.

They may have an old injury, or have had some type of surgery, or from the effects of chemotherapy.

Here is a solution for you if you are in pain.

It was developed and researched by a dental school in Japan.

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know that this can be some of the worst pain.

You may have already tried opioids, such as codeine, or morphine, or hydrocodone (Vicodin).

And you may have read from my past materials that these are highly estrogenic.

They are actually quite suppressive of the immune system.

I’ll never forget when my father-in-law was laying in the hospital, and he didn’t want them to give him a painkiller.

But they did it anyway.

And in a few minutes, he had died.

My wife is convinced to this day that it was the morphine that killed her dad.

And she could very well be right.

There are many reasons not to take opioids.

These reasons include the fact that they’re hard to get.

They’re also very estrogenic.

And they suppress the immune system when what you need most is a boosted immune system.

That’s why I really, really like this research.

A new way to get amazing chronic pain reliefThe researchers are talking about what are called first-generation antihistamines.

These include a very easy one to get called diphenhydramine, or better known as Benadryl.

And it includes another one, which is my favorite, called cyproheptadine.

Cyproheptadine is sold under the name of Periactin.

If you have taken either of these, you know that they tend to make you sleepy.

And you know that they do work.

But they’ve been replaced by many newer antihistamines.

This is unfortunate.

These first-generation antihistamines have revolutionary potential in many areas of the body.

These researchers determined that a lot of our pain is caused by histamine and serotonin reaction in the body.

These first generation antihistamines lower both serotonin and histamine.

If you’ve been reading my previous newsletters, you know that too much serotonin is implicated in many inflammatory states in the body.

You know that it can result in all kinds of problems.

Excess serotonin is linked to prostate inflammation, heart problems, high blood pressure, and probably cancer.

You also know that serotonin is implicated in fibrosis, including penile fibrosis.

So there are several reasons to consider taking these first-generation antihistamines.

Just be sure you always subject to speak and your doctor first.

But now here comes research showing that powerfully suppressing histamine and serotonin,

These antihistamines dramatically lower your pain!

And even better than that, you can combine these antihistamines with other over the counter pain drugs.

You can take them with aspirin, which is my favorite, or ibuprofen, and probably any of the other NSAIDs.

Moreover, combination of a 1st generation antihistamines with an NSAID (cyclooxygenase-1 inhibitor) produced remarkably potent analgesic effects

What should you do next?

Always speak your doctor before taking any medication or discontinuing any medication.

I’m not a doctor.

I’m a medical researcher, and whatever I do may not apply to you.

So beware!

But, you can easily buy generic Benadryl in the United States and probably everywhere in the world.

And you can buy cyproheptadine in many countries without a prescription.

It’s often sold under the brand name Periactin.

I buy mine from http://www.alldaychemist.com

A new way to get amazing chronic pain reliefI like cyproheptadine because it’s a very powerful way to lower serotonin and histamine.

And it lasts a long time.

It does make you very sleepy, especially at the beginning.

After a few days of taking it, you become acclimated to it.

Then it will have the effect intended, and won’t make you sleepy anymore.

If you stop taking it for a few days, the sleepiness may start again once you start taking again.

I suggest you consider cyproheptadine in 1 mg dosage.

Take it before you go to bed.

Be prepared to have a kind of weird kind, dozing sleepy experience the next day.

You might want to consider not driving during this time period — or operating heavy machinery.

1 mg is a quarter of a pill.

So you can cut the pill in half and then cut a half in half, which is not difficult.

Then you can take your ibuprofen or whatever your NSAID choice is.

Be prepared to have a very powerful pain relief experience.

Are any of these habit-forming?

The good news is that cyproheptadine, generic Benadryl or NSAID’s are habit-forming.

NSAID’s may hurt your gut after prolonged use.

I suggest aspirin if you can tolerate it.

But cyproheptadine doesn’t seem to have any long-term negative effects.

Some people will find it not working as well and stop taking it after a few months.

After giving it a break, they can come back after a few weeks and start over again.

And once again: do not take any of my information and consider it advice.

It simply information.

You need to investigate it for yourself.

Then you need to talk to your doctor or other medical professional about it and make your own decision.

The purpose of my newsletters is to inform, but it’s not to advise you to take anything.




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