A Little-Known Pleasure Secret (Open This Now)

A Little Known Pleasure Secret (Open This Now)

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A Little-Known Pleasure Secret (Open This Now)

”People don’t change.”

I can hear my friend Mike saying this to me.

It’s something he sincerely believed. He was also dead wrong.

Not only CAN people change, but they do it all the time.

We see it every day in testimonials from guys whose lives have changed completely due to the courses we teach and the information we give out.

Here’s an example:

“At any rate, Matt, when I started with your program I just wanted to regain an erection that would be consistent and perform like when I was sixteen (well, mission accomplished about 2 months ago)! What I didn’t expect was a much deeper insight into how we as humans think and function.”

I’m thrilled when I get emails like this – because I care very deeply about the results our students achieve and I want to see them succeed.

That’s why I’m always interested when I run across a study on how people can effectively create change in their lives.

This study has a particularly interesting component that can help people make the changes they want to make…quicker and with less hassle.

Whether that’s losing weight, gaining back sexual function, or watching less TV – you can use the science of change to help you change.

Multicomponent mHealth Intervention for Large, Sustained Change in Multiple Diet and Activity Risk Behaviors: The Make Better Choices 2 Randomized Controlled Trial

Changing habits can be BRUTAL…

Trying to lose weight is an example of a system of habits that is really tough to change for most people.

I mean, have you ever tried to lose weight and either failed or gained it all back?

If so, you’re not alone. This happens to most folks – I’ve been on this cycle a few times myself.

And in my opinion, that’s because most diets aren’t based on the science of change.

They are all about giving you a system to follow and relying on willpower alone.

That’s too bad – because willpower by itself simply doesn’t work. And I mean, it doesn’t work at all.

But here’s what DOES work…

A combination of rewards, accountability, and feedback tools can help create change.

As I said before, willpower alone doesn’t work.

But what does work is “hacking” human behavior to create a system in which change can flourish and become almost easy.

In this study, they used a variety of methods in combination to create long-lasting behavioral change.

It’s the combination that’s so powerful.

“Participants used smartphones and accelerometers to track their activity and behavior, which they also sent to a coach who monitored whether they were tracking and how they were eating and being active. Perfect behavioral adherence was rewarded with an incentive of $5 per week for 12 weeks.”

Here are the impressive results:

“Study participants made large improvements in their eating and activity habits. From a starting point of less than two servings of fruits and vegetables per day, they increased their intake by 6.5 servings per day. They decreased saturated fat intake by 3.6% to consume less than 8% of their calories from saturated fat…”

“From a baseline of 4.5 hours per day of leisure screen time, they decreased screen time by almost three hours and increased their moderate to vigorous exercise by 25 minutes per day over a nine-month trial.”

That’s some super-IMPRESSIVE results.

Normally, there would be a serious backslide to old behaviors within weeks if not days…

But this combination of techniques created long-lasting change over nine months!

How to apply some of this change magic in your life…

When you want to make a change in your life, it’s important to realize that willpower alone is probably not going to be enough.

Instead, it helps to deploy various strategies – and you don’t even have to do them all at once.

“Even better, participants were able to achieve the same gains whether they implemented all four diet and exercise changes simultaneously or sequentially (changing two or three first and then changing other behaviors later).”

In this example, the study used several techniques:

  • Small monetary rewards to kick-start the program
  • Accountability through coaching
  • Technology for accountability
  • Clearly defined goals

The quick wins of money and feedback helped to spur consistent behavior and helped the people in the study overcome setbacks.

By using a similar combination and testing what works for you, you can achieve just as impressive results.

Change isn’t magic, but it does require a little know-how.

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