A 44% testosterone boost

A 44% testosterone boost

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A 44% testosterone boost

Testosterone and cortisol are crucial to male health and vitality.

They have powerful effects on aging and masculinity – and they control muscle and fat mass.

This study shows that a common over-the-counter medicine can improve both testosterone and cortisol levels.

This human study was conducted at the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Rome in Italy and published in the journal Physiology and Biochemistry.

The researchers enrolled ten male subjects in the study.

All of the volunteers were experienced athletes who had competed in various sports for the previous two to six years.

The athletes took 800 mg of aspirin twice per day for 10 days.

After a washout period, the same ten volunteers took a placebo for ten days.

The study subjects did not take any supplements during the trial.

All of the volunteers were recovering from minor injuries as well, so no training took place during the trial.

Before the first dose of aspirin, the researchers took blood samples.

They also took blood samples on the final day of treatment.

The blood samples revealed that aspirin lowered cortisol after the ten-day period.

“Morning cortisol concentration was significantly lower after aspirin treatment than after the placebo treatment.”

Elevated morning cortisol is associated with increased anxiety and a risk of heart disease.

Blood concentrations of testosterone also increased with aspirin supplementation.

“The statistical evaluation suggested an effect of aspirin in increasing testosterone concentrations.”

The samples of testosterone showed great variation in people taking aspirin.

The increase in testosterone from using aspirin was as much as 44%.

The maximum increase seen in the placebo group was 8.5%.

“Whereas after placebo, plasma testosterone variations ranged from 4% to 8% – after aspirin treatment, this range varied from 8% to 44%.”

After ten days, the testosterone levels of 40% of the participants increased above the reference range.

“After aspirin treatment, four volunteers showed testosterone concentrations slightly higher than the upper level of the reference range for their age.”

Cortisol and testosterone levels are both important for athletic performance.

Overtraining causes a decrease in testosterone and an increase in cortisol. And this is associated with poor athletic performance.

Both cortisol and testosterone are also important for non-athletes.

High cortisol is associated with impaired blood sugar regulation, osteoporosis, plus less muscle mass and increased abdominal fat in men.

Low testosterone leads to decreased libido, decreased mental drive, increased body fat, and impairment of the ability to build and retain muscle.

Testosterone and cortisol have somewhat opposite effects on health.

Anything that sends testosterone levels up and cortisol levels down at the same time has a high probability of being beneficial for most men.

Cortisol acts against the youthful and masculinizing effects of testosterone in a number of ways.

“In fact, it is well known that hormones like cortisol have anti-reproductive effects and/or inhibit gonadal steroidogenesis.”

This was a small study and there was a lot of variability in the responses to aspirin.

But there was enough data here for the authors to conclude that aspirin has a significant effect on testosterone.

“Higher testosterone concentration after aspirin treatment, although above the limits of statistical significance, has to be considered of clinical relevance.”

Aspirin inhibits an enzyme called COX-2. This enzyme creates prostaglandin E2, which is inflammatory.

Previous experiments showed that COX-2 inhibitors such as aspirin increase testosterone by lowering prostaglandin E2.

“Recent evidence showed that prostaglandin E2 reduced testosterone production, whereas COX inhibitors increased testosterone synthesis and inhibited testicular prostaglandin E2 concentrations.”

The study authors recommended that aspirin be investigated as a potential sports doping agent because of the effects it had on hormones.

“Due to possible influence on steroid metabolisms, it is necessary to definitively clarify if aspirin administration might influence steroid hormones evaluations in athletes (e.g., doping controls, research, etc.).”

You should see a hormone specialist about problems with testosterone and cortisol. Too much aspirin can cause bruising or bleeding.

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