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9 ancient superherbs for better rockiness

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Most men’s brains are magnesium-deficient

Magnesium is an extremely important nutrient.

It is known to be needed for over 300 enzymatic processes in the body.

The brain, like all organs, needs a lot of magnesium.

But the blood-brain barrier limits the amount of magnesium that gets into the organ from the rest of the body.

Many people suffer from long-term magnesium deficiency.

And supplementing magnesium will usually only increase brain magnesium rather slowly because of the blood-brain barrier.

But recently researchers have discovered a type of magnesium which escorts large amounts of magnesium into the brain.

The effects of this magnesium (threonate) can be profound.

Animal studies are showing improved memory – even in animals with Alzheimer’s.

Human studies support brain-boosting effects.

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These animal experiments were carried out at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The findings were published in CNS Neurosciences and Therapeutics.

This research was carried out on genetically modified mice which are designed to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

These mice were given 2 different treatments individually and in combination to see their effects.

The first treatment is environmental enrichment. 

This is simply an interesting physical and social environment for the animals.

It helps keep the brain more active and it can slow Alzheimer’s.

The second treatment is magnesium threonate.

This is a relatively new form of magnesium which shuttles large amounts of magnesium into the brain.

“We studied the additive therapeutic effect of environmental enrichment combined with magnesium threonate.”

Mice were split into different groups. Some mice were given enriching environments.

Some mice were given the magnesium supplement. Yet other mice were given both treatments.

The researchers put the mice through a series of tests designed to look at their mental performance and memory.

Both environmental enrichment and magnesium threonate showed benefits…

But the greatest benefit was the combination of an interesting environment and magnesium threonate supplementation.

“The combination of both treatments was more effective at improving cognition and spatial memory in both long-term and short-term studies.”

Long-term studies started at 3 months and continued for 12 months. The short-term studies started out 6 months and continued for 3 months.

In both cases, the researchers waited for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s symptoms to appear before treatment began.

The researchers found changes in the brains of the animals given the treatments…

Changes which correlate to their improved mental performance and memory.

“The behavioral improvements coincided with rescue of synaptic contacts in the hippocampal region of the Alzheimer’s mouse brain.”

The treatment protects the brain against degeneration which causes Alzheimer’s behaviors and symptoms.

Some of the improvements in the brain were not noted with either therapy individually.

The most significant improvements in brain health were only seen with a combination of environmental enrichment and magnesium threonate.

It’s long been known that older people who live more interesting lives are less likely to develop dementia.

This kind of research shows that being busy and mentally active may be a cause of reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

“Environmental enrichment and magnesium threonate may synergistically improve recognition and spatial memory by reducing synaptic loss and restoring important signaling pathways in Alzheimer’s mice.”

There have been a number of studies on humans using this type of magnesium.

Those studies have shown improvement in mental performance in healthy people.

The combination of this new type of magnesium and human environmental enrichment is a very promising avenue of Alzheimer’s therapy.

“Our research suggests that the combination of environmental enrichment and magnesium threonate may be a novel therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease.”

Magnesium threonate may solve the problem of long-term magnesium deficiency which affects the brain.

Because of the slow movement of most types of magnesium through the blood-brain barrier…

A long-term deficiency was, until now, near impossible to fix in a short period of time.

It seems that magnesium threonate exhibits these unusual benefits…

…because it helps to rapidly restore brain magnesium levels in ways that were previously unseen.

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