80% of men who take this natural pain reliever are pain free

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This washes the penile chambers clean from blood fat

Blood fat irritates the linings of the penile chambers in the male member. 

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These linings are called endothelium.

And there are at least 1,000 studies showing how blood fat causes what scientists call “endothelial dysfunction.”

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The linings of the arteries and the linings in the penile chambers become swollen, inflamed, and angry when they are exposed to blood fat.

Then plaque begins to build up in the arteries, the arteries that you need to be nice and clear if you want to get good “rockiness” again… 

Some of these arteries feeding blood to the male member are barely the width of a human hair.

So it doesn’t take much blood fat to clog up the arteries that you need down in the penile chambers.

Many men feel they are getting less and less blood flow down there as they get older…and it’s not their imagination!

Blood fat is reducing blood flow to the penile chambers and that’s why many men can’t get great “rockiness” anymore.

And it gets even worse…  

… because the linings of the penile chambers and the linings of the arteries and organs are all made of this endothelium.

So it’s not only the male member that doesn’t get good blood flow, it’s also other crucial organs like the liver and the heart.

Luckily, you can stop this dangerous blood fat from spreading and make it commit mass suicide!

And that will not only clear the penile chambers, but it will also result in loss of flab.

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80% of men who take this natural pain reliever are pain free

It turns out when stars explode they can produce a bunch of rare elements…and this cosmic debris can do wonders for the human body.

One of those elements is born. Trace amounts of boron can be found in many different foods.

As a nutrient, boron is often overlooked. But there is a lot of evidence to show that optimizing boron levels is of great importance for health.

One of the critical roles of boron in human health is in regard to bone, joint, and connective tissue diseases.

Low levels of boron are very strongly tied to bone and joint disorders like arthritis.

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This was carried out by Rex Newnham and Associates, North Yorkshire, England. The results were published in Environmental Health Perspectives.

It hasn’t been widely publicized, but the links between boron and arthritic diseases have been investigated since the 1960s.

“Since 1963, evidence has accumulated that suggests boron is a safe and effective treatment for some forms of arthritis.”

First, one researcher noticed that a boron supplement seemed to help with joint pain associated with arthritis.

“The initial evidence was that boron supplementation alleviated arthritic pain and discomfort.”

Some researchers found information from human studies that also pointed towards the importance of boron.

“This was followed by findings from numerous other observations in epidemiology.”

Later, animal and human experiments were carried out. Again, they seemed to support the theory that boron has a role in joint and connective health.

The best evidence came from a study that was designed to get good data on how boron supplements can treat osteoarthritis in humans.

The research took the form of a double-blind trial – where neither the researchers nor the participants knew who was getting boron.

20 people with osteoarthritis were recruited for the study. Their osteoarthritis was confirmed by x-ray examination of the bones.

“20 patients presenting radiographically confirmed osteoarthritis were recruited to the trial.”

The human population data showed that regions of the world where boron intake was below 1mg per day had higher rates of bone and joint disorders.

“In areas of the world where boron intakes are lower than 1 mg per day the estimated incidence of arthritis ranges from 20% to 70%.”

But in regions of the world where boron intake is between 3mg and 10mg, cases of arthritis are much lower.

“Whereas in areas of the world where boron intakes are usually 3 to 10 mg, the estimated incidence of arthritis ranges from 0 to 10%.”

So the researchers chose to use 6mg of boron per day for the experiment.

“We compared daily oral doses of 6 mg boron per day to a placebo in the treatment of their arthritis symptoms.”

The participants were examined for signs and symptoms of arthritis before supplementation. 

They were re-examined 3 weeks later.

The final exam happened 8 weeks after supplementation began.

There was significant improvement after 8 weeks supplementation of 6mg boron per day.

“A significant favorable response to a 6 mg boron/day supplement was obtained.”

There was 5 times more improvement in the boron group compared with those given the inactive placebos.

“50% of subjects receiving the supplement improved compared to only 10% receiving the placebo.”

The greatest benefit was in regard to less pain during movement. 

After 8 weeks, those on the placebo had a significant reduction in this symptom of arthritis.

The study also found that it took a little longer for older people to see the benefits of boron supplementation.

“People under 60 years of age generally responded within a month, while those between 60 and 70 needed up to 2 months to respond.”

By the end of the study, over 70% of those taking boron had a significant improvement.

“The findings suggest that boron is safe and beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis.”

Other research also supports the role of boron in joint health.

People with lower levels of boron in their bones and synovial fluid are more likely to have arthritis.

“Analytical evidence shows lower boron concentrations in femur heads, bones, and synovial fluid from people with arthritis than from those without this disorder.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

—-Important Message for Men With Sore Joints—-

This “manly element” reduces arthritis and joint pain by 80%

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You can get this natural powder at the supermarket dirt cheap…

It’s incredibly safe. Anyone can take it, even if you’re taking other things at the same time.

Some men report joint pain just “disappears.” Even people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis find relief with this.

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Essentiality of boron for healthy bones and joints.