8 second rubber band hack for stiffer boners

See why 1,000s of men are using this weird little trick…

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Try this 8 second rubber band trick for stiffer boners

Hi, I’m Dr. Leo Shub, and I’ve discovered a secret rubber band trick…

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…that triggers explosive, on-demand stiffies.

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Here’s how it works (just be careful where you try this…)


Why you want to keep your balls on ice

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Wouldn’t you like to increase your testosterone, fertility, and libido with this bizarre tactic?

If the answer is yes, hear me out…

Men have balls…

…but have you ever thought about why they’re located outside the body compared to all the other organs?

There’s a reason for that.

That is because your testicles need to be cold to function properly.

The average human body temperature is 97.7°F (I try to keep it above 98.6 °F)

Body temperature is directly proportional to metabolism.

Generally, the higher the body temperature, the better the body works.

But this is not the case for the testicles.

They DON’T like the heat.

The optimal temperature for the proper functioning of Leydig cells, which play an essential role in testosterone production

…is lower than that of the body.

This applies to sperm as well.

This phenomenon has been known and studied by researchers for many years.

Recently, health-conscious people and “biohackers” have popularized it again.

Studies show that men’s fertility, libido, and erection quality are decreasing day by day.

So, these tactics need to resurface.

Let me do just that…

…bring some research to light for you.

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This study was carried out at Justus-Liebig University, Germany. It was published in the Reproduction.

In this study, researchers fitted 20 men with impaired sperm function with a device to keep their testicles cold at night.

The patients were made to sleep with this device for 12 weeks.

And during this time, changes in testicular function were observed.

At the end of the period, all sperm parameters had improved.

That is, sperm concentration, total sperm output, sperm motility, and morphology had all improved.

“The semen parameters of the patients undergoing cooling treatment revealed a highly significant improvement in sperm concentration and total sperm output (median: 1.99 3 107 before the study, 1.81 3 107 at week 0, 3.7 3 107 at week 4, 6.86 3 107 at week 8, 5.66 3 107 at week 12). In addition, sperm motility and sperm morphology showed a small, but significant improvement.”

Also, the production of LH increased significantly.

“A significant increase in LH was observed.”

This is important because:

LH (Luteinizing Hormone) is what causes the testicles to make testosterone.

Allow me to show you another study as well.

This study observes the final result, rather than statistical measurements.

So, I wanted to show you this one, too, as it looks at the same topic from a different angle.

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This study was published in the Preliminary Communication.

In this old study, the doctors took 6 patients who consulted them because they could not get their wives pregnant.

The doctors used cold therapy on these patients’ testicles.

The infertile patients wore a simple gadget that kept their testicles cold all day for 20 weeks.

“Six men whose marriages had been infertile for 3-8 years and whose wives were believed to be fertile volunteered to wear the device.”

At the end of 20 weeks, 3 of the patients, who had not found a solution to their pregnancy problem for years, got their wives pregnant.

“Three wives became pregnant while their husbands were on treatment.”

No pregnancy was observed in 3 other patients, but all of their sperm parameters had improved.

“In two patients who did not achieve a pregnancy, semen improvements were also seen after 12 weeks.”

So, in other words, keep your testicles cold.

This research has proven one of the aspects of this hack.

Protect them from the heat to get these purported benefits as well:

  • Increased drive
  • Increased nocturnal penile tumescence (“morning wood”)
  • Deeper voice
  • More energy
  • Increased testicular hang size

There are some easy ways to try this.

  • Ice pack on your balls (not directly on the skin!)
  • Special cold-retaining boxers
  • Cold water on the testicles in the shower

And last but not least…

more movement because research shows that the temperature of the testicles decreases when you actively move your body.

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