50% of men test positive for this (really bad for rockiness)

Beware this stomach bug that slowly poisons the penis

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50% of men test positive for this (really bad for rockiness)

In the last few years, researchers are finally paying attention to the role of bacteria in men’s health problems.

I’ve reported a few times on a very powerful recent article on the relationship between endotoxin, obesity and low testosterone.

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Endotoxin is part of some bacteria – a class of bacteria called “gram-negative”.

These bacteria grow in our gastrointestinal system…

But when they grow out of control and invade the rest of the body they cause a seemingly infinite amount of health problems.

Just recently it’s been discovered that a common endotoxin infection likely causes erections problems too!

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The human research was carried out at Harran University in Sanliurfa, Turkey. The paper was published in Andrologia.

The research looked at H. pylori – a type of endotoxin producing bacteria which can overgrow in the upper part of the gastrointestinal system.

About 50% of people test positive for H. pylori – though there is some debate as to what levels should be regarded as “overgrowth.”

The researchers are looking at the relationship between this bacteria and arteriogenic poor rockiness.

Arteriogenic erections problems are caused by alterations to the vascular system in the penis…

The same type of alterations that cause many cardiovascular problems.

“This study sought to investigate the correlation between H. pylori and arteriogenic ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

I’ve written elsewhere about how many cardiovascular problems are caused by endotoxin…

This is why there is such a strong link between cardiovascular issues and poor erections in men.

The researcher included 30 men with erections problems confirmed by physical examination and questionnaires.

“This study included 30 patients diagnosed with ‘penile’ dysfunction due to penile arterial insufficiency, in accordance with the International Index of ‘Penile’ Function scores and ultrasonography results.”

Those men were compared to a similar group of healthy men.

“We also included 30 healthy individuals without ‘penile’ dysfunction in the control group.”

The researchers looked for antibodies which would indicate H. pylori in the blood.

Men with poor erections had about twice as many H. pylori antibodies compared with healthy men.

H. pylori-specific IgG antibodies in the patient and control groups were 39 and 21, respectively.”

The researchers also found that H. pylori and poor erections were associated with increased levels of general inflammation as assessed by C-reactive protein (CRP).

Higher levels of CRP mean you are more inflamed.

“The mean CRP levels were 0.3 and 0.1, respectively. A positive correlation was detected between ‘penile’ dysfunction and the levels of H. pylori-specific IgG and CRP.”

The implications seem obvious…

The overgrowth of H. pylori or other endotoxin producing bacteria could be causing poor erections as well as low testosterone and obesity.

“These findings may also guide future research on the clinical benefits of H. pylori eradication strategies for the prevention and treatment of ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

We already knew from research done a few years ago that endotoxin bacteria directly affect the testicles too…

They suppress the production of testosterone in the testicles leading to low T.

Endotoxin also blocks the testosterone signal from the pituitary gland and reduces sperm production.

Endotoxin is known to reduce testosterone production by the testis, both by direct inhibition of Leydig cell steroidogenic pathways and indirectly by reducing pituitary LH drive, thereby also leading to a decline in sperm production.”

Endotoxin producing bacteria have numerous different effects on male sexual health including effects on the blood vessels and hormone producing systems.

In truth, endotoxin is one of the major causes of most common health problems and dealing with endotoxin is a foundation of optimal health.

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