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—-Important Message From Dr. Joe—-

This 30 second ritual activates 1 tiny muscle for powerful boners

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Have your erections seemed weaker lately?

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These toxic oils trigger harmful cortisol overload in men

Many decades ago the levels of metabolic disease in first world countries began to skyrocket.

As the rates of these types of diseases increased, so did the certainty about their causes.

And although the establishment is certain that they know the causes of these diseases and have the tools to treat them, things keep getting worse.

Around the same time that these diseases went from rare to common…

…there were some significant changes in agricultural technology which led to changes in the diet.

We began eating more refined seed oils. 

These oils contain highly unstable fats, which have extremely harmful properties.

A recent finding showed that these fats can trigger the production of cortisol and aldosterone – hormones which play a large role in obesity, Type II diabetes, cancer and elevated blood pressure.

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The cell experiments were performed at Wm. S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital in Madison. This paper was published in Endocrine Research.

The researchers were interested in some as-yet unknown triggers for hormones produced in the adrenal gland.

“Adrenal steroidogenesis is under complex control, and clinical observations suggest that not all regulators have been identified.”

The researchers wondered whether byproducts of unstable dietary fats could be these previously unidentified hormonal modulators.

“We postulated that fatty acid oxidation products found in the diet or formed in the body could affect steroidogenesis.”

They focused their attention on linoleic acid.

They say that it’s a prominent constituent of animal fat – but the major source of linoleic acid is vegetable oil

And linoleic acid is only elevated in the tissues of animals and humans who consume lots of vegetable oils.

(Or animals which consume lots of fat from animals which have consumed lots of vegetable oils…)

“Linoleic acid is a prominent constituent of animal fat and is readily oxidized.”

They found that common reactions which occur inside the body with this vegetable oil led to alterations in aldosterone.

Aldosterone is an often overlooked hormone which acts on the kidneys.

It regulates the amount of sodium and potassium in the body.

Aldosterone plays a large role in controlling blood pressure.

The researchers also found alterations in corticosterone – this is the animal equivalent of cortisol.

Corticosterone/cortisol is essential for regulating blood sugar…

But elevated levels of cortisol cause Type II diabetes, obesity, and many other common modern maladies.

“We found that several products of linoleic acid oxidation affect production of aldosterone and corticosterone by isolated cells from rat adrenals.”

One metabolite of this linoleic acid, EKODE, is a particular trigger for excess adrenal hormone production.

At high concentrations it increases aldosterone – which increases blood pressure.

At extremely high concentrations it decreased aldosterone.

“At concentrations between 1 and 30 microM, EKODE stimulated production of aldosterone, but at concentrations above 50, it was inhibitory.”

The study also showed that this common byproduct of vegetable oil led to increased production of corticosterone

And there seems to be no regulatory mechanism here.

“EKODE stimulated corticosterone production at concentrations of 5 microM or greater, and there was no evidence of inhibition at high concentrations.”

This likely translates to elevations in cortisol in humans caused by consumption of unhealthy vegetable oils.

Cortisol is a major player in most metabolic diseases, including obesity.

“Stimulation of steroidogenesis was observed after 15 min of incubation and continued for at least 2 hrs. The potential relevance of our findings to the hypertension of obesity is discussed.”

The experiments uncover yet another mechanism by which these now common dietary fats trigger the major killers of the modern world.

I believe that the consumption of these fats is one of the most important reasons for the explosion in previously uncommon diseases over the last 50 to 100 years.

—-Important Message About Harmful Oils—-

This 45-second method burns up these harmful oils and naturally lowers cortisol in men

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I call these harmful seed oils the “killer lipid” because they are the most dangerous toxic fats men can possibly eat.

And because they’re hiding in so many foods, it’s difficult to avoid them.

That’s why I’m using this 45-second activity to burn up the killer lipid in my body BEFORE it poisons my other organs…

…like my heart, my kidneys, my pancreas, my brain, even my penis…

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