3 simple steps give you rock-solid throbbing boners

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3 simple steps give you rock-solid throbbing boners

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The lid’s just been blown on one of the biggest secrets in the “adult” movie industry.

Top star Aaron Wilcoxx has released this video showing men how to get and stay rock-solid for 30 minutes to an hour

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3 steps to getting rock-solid throbbing erections (“adult-star” approved)


This B vitamin lowers men’s blood sugar better than insulin

Many people know that insulin plays a role in regulating blood sugar by shuttling sugar into the cells.

But insulin is far from the only factor responsible for keeping blood sugar under control – as anyone with insulin resistance can tell you.

Some of the other major prerequisites to optimal blood sugar include…

Adequate potassium, keeping free fatty acids under control and making sure you get enough vitamin B1 (thiamine).

A series of animal experiments have shown that vitamin B1 can have major effects on blood sugar.

Vitamin B1 deficiency causes elevated blood sugar levels.

The experiments show that the effect is partly due to the influence of vitamin B1 on GLUT proteins…

Proteins which shuttle sugar from the blood into the cell.

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The animal and cell experiments were carried out at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel. The findings were published in Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes.

This research was influenced by previous observations on the role of vitamin B1 in blood sugar conditions…

Specifically glucose uptake – the absorption of blood sugar by the cell.

“In beriberi, a disease caused by carbohydrate rich or low vitamin B1 diets, high blood sugar is one of the major symptoms.”

Numerous other lines of evidence point toward a role for vitamin B1 in glucose uptake.

“So the purpose of our study was to investigate the effects of vitamin B1 and whole-body glucose uptake and on cellular glucose transport and transporters.”

The researchers suspected that vitamin B1 played some role in glucose transporters (GLUT).

This may explain why vitamin B1 deficiency leads to high blood sugar.

Their cell experiments revealed that vitamin B1 increased the activity of the glucose transporter – bringing more sugar into the cell.

“B1 stimulated the basal rate of glucose transport into fat cells in a dose-dependent manner.”

The cell experiments also revealed that B1 altered actions of a number of the glucose transporters (GLUT1 and GLUT4)…

Which lower blood sugar by shuttling that sugar into cells.

“B1 incubation of cells resulted in changes in both GLUT1 and GLUT4.”

Rodent experiments showed that a B1 deficient diet decreased one of the glucose transporter proteins (GLUT4).

“3 weeks of the B1 deficient diet caused a decrease in GLUT4 levels in adipose tissue.”

When the researchers changed the diets of those rodents, providing plenty of vitamin B1…

…they found massive increases in both of the previously mentioned glucose transport proteins.

“B1 refeeding for one week restored GLUT1 and GLUT4 to 350% and 200% of control levels.”

That should help to prevent high blood sugar…

In their animal experiments, the researchers injected rodents with vitamin B1 to look at the short-term effects of the nutrient on blood sugar.

They found a fast acting, 15% decrease in blood sugar levels caused by vitamin B1.

“In vivo B1 infusion induced a short and transient 15% reduction in blood sugar levels.”

Most people only know about insulin as the factor which helps to moderate high blood sugar levels.

But there are numerous other critical elements to optimizing blood glucose.

The authors of this paper even called vitamin B1 an “insulin-like agent”.

Though it might be more accurate to call this vitamin and insulin-supporting agent, as the two work together.

“Vitamin B1 appears to be an insulin-like agent, with a complex mode of action.”

B1 has many important roles in the body – perhaps none more important than its role in helping to control blood sugar.

Many natural food sources of carbohydrates – which end up as blood sugar – contain adequate levels of B1.

The exception being refined starches – unfortunately, many people consume masses of refined starches, getting plenty of carbohydrates without adequate vitamin B1.

Starches are also almost entirely made up of glucose…

Creating a massive insulin spike that you would not see with the same amount of carbohydrate from fruit, for example.

Fruit has fructose which protects against insulin spikes.

The high glucose load and vitamin B1 deficiency caused by a high starch diet can have a doubly bad effect on hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.

“Although the mechanisms and site of action are yet unknown, vitamin B1 might be important for the development of novel therapeutic mechanisms of intervention in diabetes.”

Of course, there is no need for a “novel therapeutic mechanism”. We already know that vitamin B1 is safe and effective.

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