2 cups of this can lower cancer risks by 60%

This can add 18 or more years to your life

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2 cups of this can lower cancer risks by 60%

Cancer is a major killer – many people are terrified of contracting the disease, and rightly so.

Many cancer treatments are as dangerous as cancer itself – some even moreso.

The best approach to cancer is prevention – taking steps which are proven to significantly lower your risk of cancer diagnosis later on.

Of course, many people don’t make major lifestyle changes – which they expect will be necessary to move the dial regarding cancer.

But major changes are not necessary.

There are a handful of tasty techniques which are well proven to significantly lower the odds of developing cancer.

Well-cooked mushrooms, low-dose aspirin, and coffee are some of my favorites.

A recent study showed just how much effect drinking coffee can have on your risk of developing cancer.

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The analysis of human research was carried out at the Sanitaria y Biomédica de Alicante in Spain. The findings were published in Nutrients.

There are many studies showing that people who drink coffee have significantly lower rates of many types of cancer.

But scientists keep repeating these kinds of studies in slightly different ways – as if they can’t believe the previous results.

And it’s understandable too – the results are sort of unbelievable.

In this instance, the researchers looked at coffee consumption, cardiovascular disease death, and cancer mortality in Spanish people.

“We assessed the association between coffee consumption and cardiovascular, and cancer mortality in Spain.”

The researchers analyzed data gathered from the over 1500 participants.

This study contained information on coffee consumption habits.

The researchers then had access to health records over the following 18 years for almost all the participants.

Over a period of 18 years, people who drank 1 cup of coffee per day were 27% less likely to die.

Drinking more than 1 cup of coffee per day almost halved the risk of dying from any cause.

“Consumption of more than one cup per day of coffee was associated with a lower risk of all-cause mortality (hazard ratio 0.56).”

The study showed that the decreased risk of death associated with coffee consumption was even greater in the case of death from cancer.

People who drank more than 1 cup of coffee per day were nearly 60% less likely to die from cancer in the next 18 years.

“A lower cancer mortality was observed among drinkers of more than one cup per day compared with nondrinkers (hazard ratio 0.41).”

Some of the benefits of coffee come from compounds other than caffeine…

…but this study found that almost all of the benefits came from drinking normal, caffeinated coffee.

“Only the overall consumption of caffeinated coffee was associated with lower all-cause mortality at 12 and 18 years of follow-up.”

Like many other studies, this Spanish study found that coffee consumption…

…is linked with a significantly lower chance of dying from any cause and dying from cancer.

“The study suggests that the moderate consumption of coffee is associated with a lower all-cause and cancer mortality after a long follow-up period.”

The results are not surprising given previous research…

…but also not surprising when taking into account the numerous health benefits of compounds found in coffee.

Coffee is a mild stimulant – taken alongside food it can help to increase your metabolic rate – allowing your body to do more work.

In sick people, those with low metabolism, the ability to do more work means the ability to recover an increased capacity.

Coffee also has a sort of antibiotic effect in the gut – it helps the body to control bacterial populations.

Coffee consumption clearly decreases the amount of toxic bacteria produced in the gut.

These toxic bacteria are implicated in everything from cancer to type II diabetes.

Just these 2 effects alone are enough for me to consider coffee a superfood par excellence!

Yes, there are a number of very simple life-hacks which can significantly slash your risk of developing cancer in future.

And coffee is one of them.

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