12 Universities agree: This testosterone breakthrough “restores masculine powers”

12 Universities agree: This testosterone breakthrough “restores masculine powers”

Key studies show that high testosterone levels protect men from aging, so you can keep golfing, hiking, or playing with the grandkids no matter how old you get — and how to get and keep high testosterone levels even as a man ages.

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12 universities agree: testosterone breakthrough “restores masculine power”

Slowing down and losing physical function are unfortunate effects of aging.

With aging comes changing hormones.

In men, the masculine hormone testosterone also tends to dip with age.

Increasing testosterone levels to the upper part of the normal range seems to have a lot of benefits for older men.

Recently, a study looked at the effect of testosterone on mobility.

The study found that testosterone could increase walking speed and mobility in men over the age of 65.

Effect of testosterone replacement on measures of mobility in older men with mobility limitation and low testosterone concentrations: secondary analyses of the Testosterone Trials

These researchers carried out human research at 12 academic institutions in the United States. They published their results in The Lancet – Diabetes and Endocrinology.

The researchers recruited hundreds of older men with low testosterone.

“The trials included 790 men aged 65 years or older and with low testosterone.”

About half of the men had mobility problems and a very slow walking pace.

“…390 had mobility limitation and a walking speed below 1 to 2 m/s.”

They prescribed the men testosterone replacement therapy or an inactive placebo for a period of one year. (Half of the men received testosterone supplementation.)

Neither the men nor the scientists knew who was getting testosterone or who was getting the placebo.

“Participants were assigned to 1% testosterone gel or placebo gel daily for 12 months, with participants and study staff masked to intervention allocation.”

The researchers conducted a number of standardized tests looking at mobility and walking speed.

One of these tests is called the six-minute walk test.

It simply measures how far a person can walk within a six-minute period.

Testosterone significantly improved performance in the six-minute walk test.

“…six-minute walk test distance improved significantly more in the testosterone group.”

The improvement was seen in healthy men, but not in men who had started the study with mobility problems.

“Six-minute walk test improvements were not seen in men with mobility limitations.”

The men also completed a detailed questionnaire that asked them about their mobility.

The PF10 questionnaire is designed to look at quality-of-life issues related to mobility.

The men in the testosterone group reported better mobility in their daily lives.

“PF10 improved more in the testosterone group than in the placebo group – in all men.”

Men without diagnosed mobility issues at the start of the trial reported a greater increase in mobility from testosterone.

The men supplemented with testosterone reported noticeable improvements in their walking ability at the end of the trial.

“Men in the testosterone group were more likely to perceive improvement in their walking ability than men in the placebo group.”

The researchers conducted a number of blood tests looking for changes in hormones and other markers.

Men with higher levels of testosterone performed better in the six-minute walk test.

“Changes in six-minute walk test distance were significantly associated with changes in testosterone concentrations.”

Increasing testosterone levels can improve walking ability in older men.

“Testosterone therapy consistently improved self-reported walking ability and modestly improved six-minute walk test distance.”

The study reinforces the importance of protecting healthy testosterone levels in older men.

Previous studies have shown that testosterone can increase strength and muscle mass…

And that may be responsible for the mobility improvements seen in this study.

“Testosterone administration has been shown consistently in numerous trials to increase skeletal muscle mass and maximal voluntary strength.”

Some things to consider:

  • Adequate sleep is essential for testosterone production
  • Many men could increase testosterone levels just by getting adequate dietary zinc

You should always consult a healthcare professional for advice on dealing with health problems.

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