10mg of this can raise your testosterone by 100 points

Boron Supplement

It also lowers estrogen and inflammation in a man’s body, while increasing testosterone and DHT.

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10mg of this can raise your testosterone by 100 points

Men are facing an epidemic of low testosterone and most researchers are scratching their head and asking why.

But we know why and we know how to fix it…

Because plummeting testosterone levels are associated with increased inflammation.

The combination of low testosterone and high inflammation leads to belly fat and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Some dietary elements are known to affect testosterone levels and inflammation.

Glycine and magnesium have been well studied – they can both improve testosterone and lower inflammation.

But there is very little research into the dietary nutrient boron.

However, one human trial showed that boron can quickly increase testosterone and lower inflammatory markers.

Comparative effects of daily and weekly boron supplementation

These researchers carried out this human trial at the University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. The Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology published the results.

Boron is a trace nutrient found in plant foods.

It is considered beneficial for humans, but it is also relatively understudied.

“Boron has not been generally accepted as being essential for humans; however, it is accepted as being a beneficial bioactive element for humans.”

Prior to this research, scientists already discovered that boron can lower estrogen in women.

The secondary finding of that research was that boron increased testosterone.

This finding made researchers wonder if boron could increase testosterone in men.

So the researchers recruited eight men to undergo a number of tests.

“Eight healthy male volunteers attended the laboratory on three occasions.”

They checked the men’s testosterone levels before the study began.

Then they gave them a supplement of 10 mg of boron.

After that, they checked their testosterone levels every two hours for the next six hours.

Supplemental boron increases the blood levels of boron in the blood very quickly.

So the researchers were interested to find out if it could quickly increase testosterone.

Testosterone levels did not increase in six hours.

But the researchers found a number of other interesting results.

Boron supplementation rapidly lowered inflammation.

CRP and TNF-A are proteins that cause inflammation.

They are linked to the development of many chronic diseases.

“Six hours supplementation showed a significant decrease in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), high sensitive CRP, and TNF-A level…”

Then they had the participants take 10 mg of boron every day for a week.

The men returned after that for further testing.

“Subjects were requested to consume a capsule of 10 mg boron every day with their breakfast, and on day 7, blood collection was carried out again.”

Just one week of boron supplementation was effective at increasing testosterone levels.

“After one week, the mean plasma free testosterone increased significantly.”

Men’s health is a constant battle between competing levels of testosterone and estrogen.

Higher levels of testosterone promote better health in men.

But high levels of estrogen cause inflammation and disease.

High estrogen and low testosterone are associated with sexual problems, abdominal obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Just one week of boron supplementation significantly lowered estrogen levels.

“After one week the mean plasma estradiol decreased significantly.”

The estradiol form of estrogen dropped by over 30% in just seven days… from an average of 42 pg/ml (picograms per ml) to an average of 26.

The study also found a significant increase in DHT – the other masculine hormone.

“After one week, dihydrotestosterone was elevated.”

The inflammatory markers stayed down too.

C-reactive protein, the most commonly tested inflammatory marker was almost halved after a week of 10 mg boron supplementation per day.

The other critical inflammatory marker (TNF-A) went down by over 20%.

The researchers believe that boron may be essential in creating some types of hormones.

“Boron seems to be required for the formation of activated forms of certain steroid hormones.”

Because boron is not confirmed as an essential nutrient, there is no recommended daily allowance.

But researchers have estimated that most people get about 1 mg per day.

And some studies have reported problems with supplementation above 20 mg per day.

We need more research into the long-term effects of supplementing this dietary nutrient.

“Additional research is necessary to further clarify boron’s influence in a 6–8 weeks supplementation trial with a weekly blood sampling.”

I personally do not supplement with boron as I think it has some estrogenic quality to it, but you may want to test it for yourself.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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